Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation wishes to acknowledge the many individuals and their organizations for contributing to this latest edition of Canadian Wood-Frame House Construction.

The following people served as reviewers and performed the important role of ensuring the accuracy and usefulness of the publication for builders and educators, and its relevance to Healthy Housing initiatives at CMHC.

Rick Olanville, Camosun College, Victoria, BC

Louis Kane, Advanced Education and Labour, NBCC, Saint John, NB Michael Nauth, Algonquin College, Nepean, ON

Eric Jones, Canadian Wood Council, Ottawa, ON

Ross Monsour, Canadian Home Builders' Association, Ottawa, ON Everett Dunham, CMHC Barrel Smith, CMHC Terry Marshall, CMHC

CMHC also wishes to express its appreciation to the authors who updated this edition to conform to the 1995 National Building Code of Canada and enhanced it significantly by adding new, special features,

Ted Kesik, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, ON

Michael Lio, Michael Lio and Associates, Toronto, ON

CMHC gratefully acknowledges the National Research Council and the Canadian Wood Council for the use of their information included in the tables of this publication.

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