Checking Back

Foundation and Framing Detailing

The selection of the type and amount of insulation cannot be made without due consideration of appropriate foundation and framing details. Check back to the parts of this publication, mentioned below, to ensure that the required amount of insulation can be accommodated within the structure of the home.

' Review the Foundations section in Footings, Foundations an

F'<i iir t hf.- r.!<r!pt(-rs >■:! -Jul Floor Framing. Wall Framing a and Roof Framing.

Concrete wall with rigid insulation on outer face.

Concrete wall with rigid insulation on outer face.

Effective Thermal Resistance R-11.2 (RSI 1.97)

base flashing

R—12 (RSI 2.1) batt insulation vapour barrier sill plate

'/2" (12 mm) cement parging on wire lath nailed to sill plate and concrete

2" (50 mm) type 4 extruded polystyrene, or type 2 expanded polystyrene, or rigid glass fibre insulation bonded to concrete granular backfill around insulation to protect against damage due to frost heave

8" (200 mm) concrete wall

Effective Thermal Resistance R-11.2 (RSI 1.97)

illustrated here, or listed in tables in the NECH are used, the effective thermal resistance of the assembly must be recalculated according to the method shown in the NECH.

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