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Cette publication est aussi disponible en français sous ie titre : Construction de maison à ossature de bois—Canada LNH 5031

The information contained in this publication represents current research results available to CMHC, and has been reviewed by a wide spectrum of the housing industry. The Corporation, however, assumes no liability for any damage, injury, or expense that may be incurred or suffered as a result of the use of this publication.

Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data

Kesik, Ted J. (Theodore Jonathan), 1954-

Canadian wood-frame house construction

Issued also in French under title: Construction de maison a ossature de bois - Canada. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-660-17294-1 N° de cat. NH17-3/1997E

1. Wooden-frame houses—Canada—Design and construction. 2. Wooden-frame buildings—Canada-Design and construction 3. House construction-Canada. I.Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. II. Title.

TH4818.W6K481998 694 C98-900058-3

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First Combined Imperial/Metric Edition Revised and reprinted 1998

Printed in Canada Produced by CMHC

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