Comer Treatment for Siding

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The method of finishing siding at the corners may be influenced by the house design. Corner boards may be appropriate to some designs and mitred joints to others.

For lumber siding applied horizontally (Fig. 83), mitred corners are most common, but metal corners or corner boards may also be used.

Mitred corners (Fig. 83B) must fit tightly and smoothly for the full depth of the mitre. To maintain a tight fit at the mitre, it is important that the siding is properly seasoned before delivery and protected from rain when stored at the site. The ends are often set in caulking compound or putty when the siding is applied.

At interior corners, the siding is usually butted against a corner strip of 1 or 1 1/2 in. (25 or 38 mm) material, depending upon the thickness of the siding.

Metal comers (Fig. 83C), used as a substitute for mitred comers, are made of light-gauge metals such as aluminum or galvanized steel. The application of metal corners requires less skill than making good mitred comers or fitting siding to a comer board.

Corner boards (Fig. 83A and D) are generally used with drop siding, but may be used with other types of siding as well. The boards are made of 1 or 1 1/2 in. (25 or 38 mm) material, depending on the thickness of the siding. The comer boards are applied against the sheathing with the siding fitted tightly against the narrow edge of the corner boards. Joints between the siding and comer boards should be filled with caulking compound or putty when the siding is applied.

Plywood and hardboard are usually lapped at the comers or fitted to a corner board. Lumber siding applied vertically is lapped at the corners.

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