Exterior Trim And Millwork

Exterior trim (that part of the exterior finish other than the wall covering) includes such items as window and door trim, soffits, rake or gable trim and fascia. Much of this material is cut, fitted and nailed into place on the job. Other materials or assemblies, such as louvres and shutters, are usually shop-manufactured.

The properties desired in materials used for trim are good painting and weathering characteristics, easy working qualities and maximum freedom from warp. Sealing the end joints or mitres of members exposed to moisture is recommended.

Fasteners used for trim, whether nails or screws, should be corrosion-resistant, that is, galvanized or aluminum. When finishing nails are used, they must be set and then puttied after the prime coat is applied. This method of fastening will generally prevent rust stains at nailheads. Fasteners must be compatible with the metal trim to avoid galvanic reaction between dissimilar metals, such as aluminum and steel.

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