Framing The House

The structural shell of a one- or two-storey house must be erected before any other work can begin. The shell consists of the foundation, floors, walls and roof (Fig. 29). In some cases, interior walls may be loadbearing, so they must be erected at the same time as the exterior walls. The shell must be framed and sheathed during construction to obtain its rigidity. Generally, temporary bracings and cross bracings are introduced to allow construction to proceed without accidents or damage.

Before starting the framing of the house, it is important to consider the levels of insulation to be used in the different elements of the structural shell, because framing dimensions may have to be increased to accom modate higher levels of insulation. Refer to the chapter on Thermal Insulation for more information.

The platform and balloon methods of framing are two ways of constructing a wood-frame house. Balloon framing was the most common method of wood-frame construction in the latter part of the 19th century, and early part of the 20th century. Platform framing has dominated since the late 1940s, and today represents conventional practice in Canada.

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