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Minimizing Waste in Roof Construction

Roof waste may be significantly reduced through proper planning and construction practices. Consider the following points when planning and building roofs.

-> Avoid ordering much more material than is required, unless arrangements for returning unused goods to suppliers have been made.

Where possible, make the lengths of roofs a multiple of 16 in. (400 mm) or 24 in. (600 mm) so that wasted roof sheathing is minimized.

Collect and store waste materials to promote complete recycling — avoid mixing waste construction materials. Separate materials individually tor better recycling opportunities.

Use the short pieces of lumber from floor and wall framing as blocking or lookouts.

When using materials which are not recyclable, consider alternative uses. For example, waste clay roofing tile may be used as splash blocks for rain water leaders, or as creative landscape elements. Waste concrete roof coverings may be broken up and used along with granular materials as backfill. For more insights into managing construction waste, refer to Applying the 4 Rs of Wood-Frame Construction in the Framing the House chapter. [


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