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Minimizing Waste in Wall Framing

The amount of waste generated during wall framing may be significantly reduced through proper planning, and appropriate practices. Consider the following items when planning and building walls:

Use kiln-dried lumber and store it properly to reduce warped and twisted pieces.

Use precision-trimmed studs which are pre-cut to the right length for a standard wall height.

It a standard height wall is not desired, select a height which makes the most use of wall studs.

Space studs at 24 in. (600 mm) on centres wherever possible.

Order lumber for lintels that is a multiple of the lintel length. (A 4 ft. 6 in. Cl.5 m- lintel using two members is more economically created with a 10 ft. (3.3 ni) length, rather than cutting from two 8 ft. (2.6 m) lengths).

Cut all lumber in one location to make best use of end cuts. _____

by wall plates (as in platform framing), fire stops are required at floor and ceiling levels to eliminate continuous passages in the wall and thus resist the spread of fire. Lumber block ing 11/2 in. (38 mm) thick is commonly used for this purpose. Fire stops, however, are not required where the wall space is filled with insulation.


Select the first floor wall studs that ┬┐ire able to support the supeiimposed loads as described below.


First floor interior wall stud supporting a second storey. All studs 8'-r (2.46 m) long.

An attic that is not served by a staircase (ie. without storage).

Use Table 20.

Acceptable wall stud si?os for this application includc: 2" x 3" ;38 x 64 mm 1 spaced at 16" (400 mm) o.c. or 2" x 4" (38 x 89 mm) spaced at 24" (600 mm) o.c.

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