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Minimizing Waste in Wall Sheathings and Claddings

The reduction of waste from wall sheathings and exterior claddings requires careful planning and proper construction practices. The following points should be considered when dealing with wall sheathings and exterior claddings.

■ Only order the amount of material that is required. Before ordering materials, make suitable arrangements for reluming unused goods to suppliers.

■4 Always store and handle materials carefully. Waste often results from damage which can be avoided. Keep materials covered with a tarp on site.

-+ Have one person cut all materials in one location to make better use of off-cuts.

-t Use standard wall heights so that sheathing and panel materials do not have to be cut in length. Where possible, make the lengths of walls a multiple of 16 in. (400 mm) or 24 in. (600 mm) to better utilize off-cuts.

A small amount of exterior cladding waste is practically unavoidable. Where services are available, collect and store waste materials for recycling.

l-or general insights into managing construction waste, refer to Applying the 4 Rs of Wood-Frame Construction in the Framing the House chapter.

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