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Select a floor joist that is acceptable for the conditions as described below



Joists supporting living room floor. Joist span is 12'-3" ¡3.75 m). Bridging will be installed. Basement ceiling will be not finished.

Commercial designation and grade specified is SPF No. 2 or better. Subfloor is 5/8" (15.9 mm) plywood nailed in place.

Also note that drywall or gypsum board ceiling finish can be considered a strapping. For this example floor joists can be considered braced with bridging and strapping.

Use Table 15

Acceptable floor joist sizes for this application include: 2" x 8" at 12" o.c.(38 x 184mm at 300 mm o.c.) or 2" x 10" at 24" o.c.(38 x 235 mm at 600 mm o.c.).

Note that any spacing less than 24" (600 mm) for the 2" x 10" (38 x 235 mm) is acceptable.

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