Switches are commonly located just inside the door of a room so that they may be easily reached upon opening the door. Switches may service a wall outlet for a table or a floor lamp as well as the usual ceiling or wall lights. It is common practice to locate the switch boxes about 4 ft. 6 in. (1.4 m) above the floor.

Service entrance equipment.

Service entrance equipment.

pot head overhead wires distribution panel

'/z" (n mm) plywood back-up panel fixed to foundation wall pot head overhead wires

(m distribution panel

'/z" (n mm) plywood back-up panel fixed to foundation wall service mast meter base and meter on exterior

for details of entrance wiring see Fig. 92

15' (4.6 m) above grade 9' (2.75 m) minimum on low building

Note: Capacity 100 to 200 Amps.

The service wires are brought to the main breaker located in the basement through a rigid conduit. The main breaker and distribution panel containing fuses for the branch circuits are mounted on a plywood back-up panel.

floor joists water supply pipe fixed to back-up strip combination service entrance panel water meter ground wire clamped below shut-off valve finished basement floor Note: Service equipment must be grounded

Note: Ground wire from main entrance panel must be clamped to the water service entrance pipe be low shut-off valve as shown (metallic pipe only).

Drilling of structural members for wiring.

Drilling of structural members for wiring.

»¡p- --j[——jp |

blocking caulking sealant or rubber grommet truss chord air/vapour barrier drywall ceiling finish surface mounted receptacle pendant fitting recommended to reduce heat build-up metal protection plate fixed to edge of stud member when required

holes drilled to receive wires

Note: When holes are drilled closer than 1 V4" (30 mm) to the edge of a stud, metal protection plates are required.

holes drilled in double top plate to ceiling fixture

holes drilled in studs to receive wires outlet boxes fixed to studs with two 4" C100 mm) nails holes drilled in bottom plate and joists to service panel

Multiple-control switches are convenient in many locations so that lights may be controlled from more than one switch. A living room light could have a switch near the outside entrance door and another at inner doors leading to the kitchen or to a bedroom hallway. In two-storey houses, three-way switches should be provided at the bottom and at the top of the stairway to control stairway lighting. Three-way switches can control light from more than one location. Basement stair lights should also be controlled by three-way switches at the head and ft. of the stairs, particularly if there is living accommodation in the basement, or if there is an outside exit from the basement.

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