Window Selection

Windows are seldom selected solely on the basis of minimum building code requirements for light and natural ventilation. The contribution of windows to the external appearance of the dwelling, a pleasing view (or privacy), natural light and passive solar heating are often more important considerations. The style and operating characteristics of windows should be carefully considered within this context. The provision of effective natural ventilation does not require every window to be operable. The selective use of operating windows can reduce window costs, thereby permitting an investment in higher quality windows.

Durability and maintenance should be considered both for exterior and interior applications. Maintenance free finishes are highly recommended to reduce the need to paint windows. These are also highly advisable for two- and three-storey houses where access for maintenance is difficult. In areas such as bathrooms, water resistant interior finishes for windows are recommended. This avoids potential water damage to sashes and frames, reducing the need for continued maintenance.

Security is another consideration

Typical window installation.

in the location and type of windows. This aspect of window selection is further discussed in the Healthy Housing Insight later In this chapter.

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