Window Styles

There is a wide variety of windows available today categorized under several common styles. Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages which should be carefully considered when selecting windows.

Minimum dimensions for egress windows.

Horizontal slider

Fixed windows are generally the least expensive, and usually offer the best level of energy efficiency and resistance to forced entry. They do not offer any natural ventilation and cannot serve as a means of egress from the dwelling in case of fire.

Single or double hung windows are a traditional style. Only one sash (usually the bottom unit) operates in single hung windows, while both sashes operate in double hung units. Prior to advances in window technology, these windows did not perform well in terms of ease of operation and air leakage. However, modern types have been developed to address these factors, and can also offer good resistance to forced entry.

Horizontal and vertical slider windows are easy to operate, and, because they do not project out from or into the dwelling, are safer since they do not act as obstacles. Their operation tends to make horizontal sliders less airtight than casement, awning and tilt-and-turn windows since the weatherstripping is exposed to wear due to friction.

Casement and awning windows are among the more expensive styles. Due to their operation, these windows are very airtight and offer good resistance to forced entry. Casement windows are well suited to deflecting prevailing winds into the dwelling for natural ventilation and passive cooling. Awning windows have the advantage of shedding rain effectively when open.

Tilt-and-turn windows are the most flexible of all window styles. Some types can act like casement and awning windows. These windows can be very airtight when fitted with compression-type closing devices.

Before proceeding with a discussion of window performance and selection criteria, it is important to

Common window styles.

w fixed (non-operating)

tilt and turn casement awning awning single or double hung horizontal slider

Window terminology.

interior exterior edge seal ot spacer glazing gas fill low-emissivity coating interior exterior edge seal ot spacer glazing gas fill low-emissivity coating

frame sash glazing unit (sealed unit)

sill drip frame sash glazing unit (sealed unit)

sill drip

become familiar with some common window terms. These terms have been summarized in Figure 87.

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