Windows And Doors

The appropriate selection and proper installation of windows and doors represents a very important aspect of wood-frame house construction. Windows and doors are often able to play a role in a number of systems within the building. Daylight, view, natural ventilation and means of egress are all affected by the windows and doors that are selected.

Poor quality windows and doors can lead to high energy bills and maintenance costs. Irrespective of their quality, window and door problems may also be caused by poor installation. Unlike paint and wallpaper, the cost of replacing poorly performing windows and doors is extremely high, and often quite disruptive. It is generally more cost effective to invest in good quality windows and doors, and to ensure that these are properly installed, rather than having to upgrade these components later.

There are several important factors to consider when selecting windows and doors. The energy efficiency of doors, and particularly windows, is a critical consideration. These components can account for a high fraction of a dwelling's heat loss. It is important to consider the size and swing of exterior doors, not only to comply with building code requirements, but also to accommodate the easy movement of people and furnishings into and out of the dwelling. The size and style of windows should be carefully considered since this will influence the appearance of the house as well as the natural ventilation and natural light which are provided. Durability and maintenance are two additional factors which apply to any exterior component of the dwelling, and especially to windows and doors. Finally, some thought should also be given to providing adequate resistance to forced entry through the type and location of windows and doors.

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