Drill presses haven't changed much in over 100 years, but a couple manufacturers have added some new wrinkles.

Drill Press/Spindle Sander ¡f^HIR

The Shop Fox W1668 oscillating drill press is a 13-in. benchtop that ; i|P®

doubles as an oscillating spindle ™ A jfl sander. By travelling up and down as j.

it spins, an oscillating sander sands pTP^

faster than one that simply spins. It also makes sanding sleeves last «s^sUta longer. The W1668 has a 3-1/4-in.

quill stroke for drilling and

3/4-in. oscillation for sanding. ShoP FoxWI668;$200. Changeover takes less than a minute.

An Ambidextrous

Drill Press m

The operator's levers on tt

Ridgid'snewDP1550 15-in. \ /

drill press can be mounted ' gS r> || / on either side of the head, so you can drill right- or left- • 5

improvements include a , mmL \

enough to drill through a o , „„ ,'rr„ „.„„„ , „, ., , . Ridgid DP 1550; $300.

4x4), wider base and a new poly-V belt and pulley system that, according to the manufacturer, runs smoother and is less likely to slip.

Variable-Speed Benchtop

Delta's new DP350 is a 12-in. f m ]Jj benchtop model with a lever-operated variable-speed range of 500 to 3,100 rpm. It has a 3-1/4-in. quill stroke, rod-style depth stop, a quill lock and a tilting table. The bottom of the trough-style table has a flat ledge for clamping.

Delta DP350; $275.

In AW #86, April 2001, page 68 we tested 28 floor-model drill presses that cost less than $450.

Editors' Choice

This machine was outstanding. It had plenty of power, and ran quietly, with minimal vibration. The quill-advance mechanism operated smoothly, and the smooth, round grips on the operator's levers were the most comfortable ones we tested. The quick-action depth-stop nut was convenient, but not quite as reliable as locking stop nuts It was the only machine in the test equipped with a genuine quill lock. We liked the flat-rimmed table and large base. We also were impressed with Deltas mortising attachment (17-935, $40), which is available as an accessory and installs easily on this machine.

Best Buys

Priced between $200 and $300, three machines stood out as good values. They're smaller machines, with narrow belts and ring-style depth stops. WV

Ridgid DP 1500; $300. This drill press had lots of user-friendly amenities and came with a great warranty. It's been replaced by the DP 1550 (see What's New, at left).

Grizzly G7944; $200

(plus $55 shipping). This 14-in. tool felt better to operate than other machines its size because it was taller, heavier and delivered good power.

Central Machinery 38144; $200

(free shipping, $6 handling) .This 13-in. tool appeared well built and performed admirably for such a low-priced machine.

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