With the case complete, I turned my attention to building the base. There's nothing too unusual about the construction of the base: just four cabriole legs joined by aprons.

legs. To make the base, i started with the cabriole legs (S), see exploded view. The interesting thing about cabriole legs is that they look a lot more complicated to build than they actually are.

For this project, I kept the legs basic. All you need is a band saw, a drum sander, and some rasps or files — no carving and very little shaping are required. Refer to page 14 for step-by-step instructions. Or if you prefer, you can buy completed legs with all the work done for you, see page 35.

The legs are mortised to receive the 3/4"-long tenons that will be cut on the aprons, see detail 'a' above left.

aprons. Once you have the legs ready, they can be connected with side aprons (U) and front/back aprons (V), see details 'c' and'd'. I started by cutting these pieces to finished size.

The case will be attached to the base later with metal table top fasteners. To accommodate these fasteners, I cut a 1/8l'-wide groove 3/s" deep on the inside face of all the pieces, see detail 'b'.

After cutting the grooves, tenons are cut to fit the mortises cut in the cabriole legs. These tenons can be cut quickly with a dado blade and auxiliary fence set up on the table saw.

profile. The next step is to dry assemble the base and lay out the decorative profiles on the aprons, see Fig. 15. The important thing to remember when laying out these profiles is that they have to match up with the curves on the transition blocks of the cabriole legs, see Fig. 15'

The side aprons have a simple centered radius, see Fig. 15a. This can be drawn right on the aprons, cut out with a band saw, and sanded smooth.

For the front and back aprons, I made a hardboard template that's laid out using a grid pattern, see Fig. 15b. (For full-size patterns, see page 35.)

After tracing the pattern onto the front and back aprons, cut the profile with a band saw and sand it smooth

Brass ) V/2"-tall teardrop pull the same as you did with the sides.

assembly. With the aprons complete, you can glue and clamp the base together. Just check to make sure the base remains square after tightening the clamps.

Once the glue dries, set the case on the base and center it front to back and side to side, see Fig. 16. Then install table top fasteners in the grooves and attach the other ends to the case bottom with screws.

finish & hardware. To complete the jewelry cabinet, I applied a finish (two coats of varnish rubbed out to a high sheen) and installed the door and drawer hardware, see exploded view.

To finish off the cabinet and give it an extra touch of elegance, I used brass hardware. I mounted brass "teardrop" pulls on the cabinet doors, see detail 'a'. The drawers each received a simple brass knob, see detail 'b\

Finally, I added specially designed brass pegs on the case sides to hang necklaces and bracelets, see detail 'c\ These require shallow holes and a little epoxy to hold them in place.®


Brass #8-32x1" Rh machine screw

Drawer knob


Center knob on front of drawer



NOTE: Apply finish before adding pulls and knobs x 6V2" - 96" Walnut (4.3 Bd. Ft.)


A Back Panel (1) B Case Edging (4) C Side Panels (2) D Guides (18) E Inner Panels (2) F In. Panel Edging (4) G In. Panel Edging (4) H Outer Panels (2) I 0. Panel Edging (4) J 0. Panel Edging (4) K Dwr. Fronts (9) L Dwr. Backs (9) M Dwr. Sides (18) N Dwr. Bottoms (9) O Door Sd. Panels (2) P Door Fr. Panels (2) Q Door Edging R Catch Rails (2)


S Cabriole Legs (4) t Transition Blocks (8) U Side Aprons (2) v Fr./Bk. Aprons (2)

3/4 ply. - 11 X 201/8 3/4 x 3/4 - 20Vs 3/4 ply. - 6 x 20Va 1/4 x 9/l6 - 53/4 3/4 ply. -71/2 x 13V2 3/4x3/4- 16 rgh. 3/4x3/4- 10 rgh. 3/4 ply.-7x13 3/4 x 13/4 - 17 rgh. 3/4 x I3/, - 11 rgh. 1/2 x 2 - 7% V2 x 2 - 7% V2 x 2 - 5% Va hrd. bd. - 53/8x 73/8 3/4 ply. - 6V2 x 18^/2 3/4 ply. - 51/2 x 181/2 3/4x3/4- 16ft. rgh. 3/4 x 3/4 - 8

3" x3" -24" Walnut Turning Blank (4 needed)

48" x 48" - 3A" Walnut Plywood

(9) 1/2" x 1/2" Brass Knobs w/Studs (6) #8 x 5/s" Rh woodscrews

(2 pr.) 2" x 13/s" Ball-tipped Hinges (4) 5/i6"-dia. Magnetic Catches w/Strikes

(2) 11/2"-taH Teardrop pulls with 1 "dia. Back Plates

(6) Z-shaped Table Top Fasteners (4) 3/15"-dia. Rubber O-rings

(10) #8 x IV2" Fh Woodscrews (8) 11/8" Brass Necklace Pegs



Drill mortises

3" x 3" square turning blank


(Jewelry Cabinet) ,

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