Cutting Dentil Jl

The key to cutting dentil molding is to get the width of the "blocks" the same as the spacing between the blocks. You could lay them all out by hand, but there's a much easier way.

To cut the dentil molding for the plate shelf on page 32,1 used a simple, shop-built jig. It's just a 3/4"-thick auxiliary fence that's attached to the miter gauge on the table saw. Then a small locating pin is mor tised into the bottom.

making the jig. To make the jig, start by cutting a shallow notch in the fence thaf s the same width as the dentil block (in my case, V£>"), see Fig. 1. The dentil blocks will end up protruding 3/i6n, but I cut the notch only W-deep. This way, with the pin installed, the molding will rest flat on the table saw top.

With the notch cut, make the pin so it fits snug and

THIRD: second notch from



Glue blocks together note:

Glue blocks together

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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