Jewelry Cabinet

A complete hardware kit for the jewelry cabinet on page 6 is currently available from Woodsmith Project Supplies. The kit includes all the screws you'll need, plus the following: (2 pair) 2" x l3/8" Brass

Ball-tipped Hinges (9)W x lk" Brass

Knobs with Studs (4)5/i6"-dia. Magnetic

Catches with Strikes (2) lV/'-tall Drop Pulls with l"-dia. Backs (8) lW-long Brass Necklace Pegs (6)Table Top Fasteners (4)3/i6M-dia. O-rings 70106-100 Jewelry Cabinet

Hardware $45.95

A set of full-size patterns of the cabriole legs, rails, and stretchers for the cab inet are included in the kit listed above. But if you wish, you can purchase the patterns separately. 8005-223 Jewelry Cabinet Patterns $3.50

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