Leg Clamping

After cutting out cabriole legs, they still need to be filed and sanded to their final shape. To do this, I needed a way to hold the leg steady, yet leave plenty of room to work around it. I solved this problem with a special clamping jig.

This jig resembles a carver's "cradle" with a head-stock and tailstock attached to the pipe clamp. The jig pieces are constructed from 2x4 stock with a hole for the pipe, see Fig. 1.

To keep the tailstock from swiveling, I cut a kerf part way through it on the bandsaw, see Fig. 2. Then I added a carriage bolt and wing nut. Once the jaw is set where you need it, just tighten the wing nut to keep the tailstock from turning.

Keeping the headstock from moving is a little easier. Just cut a notch in one edge the same size as the jaw of the clamp.

ened, both the headstock and tailstock tend to tilt back. To compensate for this, I planed a slight taper piece. Finally, I added a piece of self-adhesive sandpaper to the inside face of the jaws. It gives them a bet-

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