Mortising Premade Cabriole Legs

One option that makes the jewelry cabinet and the coffee table easier to build is to purchase the legs instead of making them, see photo. (For sources, see page 35.) But even pre-made legs will need mortises drilled in the corner post to hold the stretchers and rails.

The problem with drilling the mortises is the only thing square on the leg is the corner post And when the leg is set down on the drill press, the curved edges get in the way. So to keep the leg square, I made a spacer block to set it on.

This spacer is made from two pieces of lV^'-thick stock glued together to form an L-shaped block. It holds the cabriole leg up off the table and out from the fence.

This way, the block keeps the face of the corner post square to the bit And it also keeps the leg and fence aligned so the mortises are drilled in a straight line as the waste is removed.


bored through each piece on the inside edge of each ter grip on the leg.

Adhesive-backed sandpaper

Headstock note:

Cut V/w"-dia. hole for 3A" pipe



Band saw kerf r

Plane taper on inside faces

Wing nut & bolt

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