To get the doors on the jewelry cabinet to fit flush, they may need to be adjusted slightly in or out.

One easy way to do this is to install a rubber O-ring behind the strike plate of the magnetic catch. This rubber ring has enough "give" so you can use it as an adjustable spacer.

End grain running in the same direction

To make the cove molding for the plate shelf on page 32, I laminated two V4'1-thick pieces together. But I wanted to match the grain so these pieces still look like one thick blank.

The problem is you can't see the grain you'll be matching until after the profiles are routed. So how do you choose the boards in the first place?

The solution is to look at the end grain. First of all, make sure that the end grain on each board runs in roughly the same direction, see Fig. 1. If they don't, the joint line will be obvious, see Fig. 2.

Edge grain matches, and joint line is less noticeable

End grain not running in the same direction

I'. ' I '!.'■■ O-ring allows for adjustment 1 of catch plate j

Rubber O-ring

Edge grain does not match well

Catch plate

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