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THIRD: second notch from

set up. To set up the jig, temporarily clamp it to your miter gauge, see Fig. 2. Getting the jig positioned correctly is critical. Again, the goal is to make the blocks and the space between them the same. And this is done by making sure the distance from the pin to the dado blade is exactly the same as the width of the pin (%").

Then simply raise the dado blade to the correct height for the notches (in my case 3/i6M) and cut a second notch in the auxiliary fence, see Fig. 2a.

cutting dentil. Now to cut the molding, start by butting the end of your molding against the side of the pin and make your first pass, see Fig. 3. Place this notch over the pin and make your second pass. By repeating this sequence, all the dentil blocks can be cut

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