End View

Support block

NOTE: Attach workpiece to - saddles with double-sided tape

Bottom end Note position of saddle

Splined Miters

The keepsake boxes on page 20 are both assembled with miter joints. To strengthen these joints, I added splines. The splines create additional gluing surface and help prevent the miter joints from opening up over time.

The hardwood splines are glued into kerfs cut across the miter joints. Fortunately, these can be cut easily on the table saw using a simple jig like the one shown at right. The jig is nothing more than an auxiliary fence with a couple of supports that cradle the box at a 45° angle as you cut the kerfs.

The jig simply rides against the rip fence of your table saw, as shown in the drawing at right This way, you can use the rip fence to position the kerfs on the box. You can cut the two outside kerfs using the same rip fence setup simply by flipping the box between aits. To cut the middle kerf, you'll have to reposition the fence. 09


#8 X 1 VA" Fh woodscrew

NOTE: Locate screws above height of saw blade Ac<>r

Auxiliary fence

^ NOTE: Jig is built out of 3M" plywood

NOTE: Glue and screw fence to supports



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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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