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Square up corners with chisel

Routing the Rabbets. A hand-held in the back frame. Clamp the frame router makes short work of creating to your workbench to stabilize the the rabbeted recess for the panels workpiece during routing.

Corners. Sguare the corners of the rabbets before fitting the panels in the opening.

RAILS AND STILES. To build the frame, first I cut the rails and stiles to size. To form legs at the bottom of the frame, I beveled the ends of the stiles (main drawing).

Once the stiles and rails are cut to size, you can drill the holes for the pocket hole screws and assemble the frame (detail Id')- Then you can turn your attention to cutting the rabbets in the frame openings.

RABBETS. To create the rabbeted openings for the back panels, I clamped the frame to my workbench and used a hand-held router with a rabbeting bit. There's more information about this operation in the box below.

PANELS. When you have the rabbets routed, you'll need to square up the corners with a sharp chisel. Then cut the panels to size and glue them in place in the frame.

ATTACH THE BACK. The frame and panel assembly fits inside the case, flush with the back edge of the sides. To install it, first I glued the frame to the sides of the case. Then I attached the fixed shelves to die rails in the back frame with pocket hole screws (detail 'c'). This adds rigidity to the back and gives support to each of the fixed shelves.

With the back panel in place, you're heading towards completion of the bookcase. All that's left is to add the top and then some adjustable shelves. If you'll turn the page, you can get started on the top assembly.

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