HowTo Make the Base Sides

Use rip fence to bevel sides to width

Clean Bevel Cuts. With the table saw blade tilted to 45set the rip fence to bevel the sides to final width. A wide push block will give you better control.

NOTE: Rout chamfer Wfth multiple passes

Dadoes. I cut all the dadoes in the sides with the same setup, making a single pass across the blade.

Chamfers. Double check the labels to make sure you're routing the chamfer on the top, inside edge.

Size '/ยป"-deep hole slightly larger than diameter of

Joinery Techniques

Allow for expansion gap when sizing platform openings sandpaper platform

(V2"-thick maple)

& The routing template is held in place by a pair of beveled cleats. You'll find details on building it on page 28.

Before you can assemble the beveled sides into a base, there are a couple of important details to take care of. First, you'll need to cut the window openings in the sides, then make the candle platforms.

THREE GOALS. When cutting the window openings, I had three goals. First, I wanted them to be sized consistently. This makes fitting the grilles easier. Second, since the edges of the openings are exposed, they should be smooth and straight. Finally, I didn't want the job to be too tedious and time-consuming.

THREE STEPS. The solution is shown in the box below. Here's a brief overview and then I'll add a few tips. First, I roughed out the openings on the scroll saw. Next,

I used a template along with a flush trim bit in the router table to smooth the edges and size the openings. The final step is to clean up the comers with a chisel and small sanding block.

MAKE THE TEMPLATE. Rather than measure and lay out each opening piecemeal, I built the routing completing the

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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