Lower groove holds -— bottom panel

Groove routed after - assembly separates lid from box

Slots for splines cut on the table saw using a shop-made jig. Refer to page 29 for details

Felt glued to bottom panel provides soft surface for underside of box

Matching hardwood splines reinforce

Routed before assembly


Inside groove forms lid and is routed before assembly

SIDE SECTION VIEW (before lid separation)

-Edge of box and lid are chamfered for smooth closing

Two-step routing technique used to form perfect-fitting, lipped lid

FRONT SECTION VIEW (after lid separation)

gap (Vj/') between top panel and the body of the box leaves room for seasonal wood movement

Routed after - assembly

Upper groove houses tongue on top panel

Curved handle and ribbon inlay on sides are laminated from contrasting woods

NOTE: Lid is cut from box after assembly

-Spline blanks

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