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projects weekend project

Candle Stands 16

This eye-catching project gives you the chance to fill an idle weekend with a healthy dose of straightforward woodworking. You'll have the candle stands up and glowing in short order.

designer series project

Keepsake Boxes 20

The unique look of these beautiful boxes is guaranteed to draw attention. But that's only part of the story. Building one or both is sure to raise the level of your skills a notch or two.

heirloom project Traditional Oak Bookcase 30

The classic design of this bookcase is a bit deceptive. The techniques, joinery and materials used to build it are thoroughly modern. It goes together easily and will last a lifetime.

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Awhile back, I saw some very attractive boxes that were made out of contrasting woods. I thought that something similar might make an interesting project for Woodsmith. So I asked one of our designers to come up with a concept for a small, lidded box. Instead, he came back with a half dozen or so different sketches. All of them were built around the same basic box design, but had different lid treatments. And while they all looked nice, there were a couple that seemed to stand out from the rest.

Ordinarily, we would have just picked one version. But the two boxes that drew the most attention were very different in style, and we couldn't all agree on which one to go with. Some of us favored the box that featured a gracefully curved handle inlaid into the top. Others liked the cleaner, simpler lines of the box with the laminated plywood top and bottom.

To make a long story short, we decided to let you make the choice and include plans for both boxes. Part of the reasoning is that even though the look of the boxes is quite different, a lot of the basic construction is identical. So no matter which box you build., youll start with the same tried and true techniques. Then later on, you'll get a chance to branch out into something new and different.

For example, one of my favorite tricks is the way the lipped lid is made. It actually starts as part of the box. Then the lid is separated at the router table creating a perfect, snug-fitting match. It's a simple but clever technique that you can apply not only to this project but to just about any box you make.

And one final note. Once the two boxes came back from the shop, we all finally agreed on one thing — they both look fantastic.

#8 x VA" Fh woodscrew

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