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Felt-covered posterboard mounted in lid

prevent the pieces from shifting under clamping pressure. Another benefit is that it forces most of the glue to squeeze out on the opposite edge. That makes cleaning it up much easier. It's also a good idea to use a caul on both sides of the blank when you add the clamps.

CUTTING THE HANDLE. Once the glue has dried, you'll need to clean up the laminated blank. You can use a block plane to smooth the edge you taped earlier (Figure 1). Then head to the table saw and trim the opposite edge square and parallel.

Next, make a copy of the pattern on the opposite page and attach it to the blank with spray adhesive. The pattern makes it easy to cut the blank to shape and position the miter cuts on each end. 1 cut the miters first to guarantee a good fit for the joints where the handle will meet the side strips. It would be very difficult to accurately miter the thin pieces separately.

Once you've mitered the ends, use the pattern to cut out the shape of the handle. I cut it out at the band saw and cleaned up the surfaces using a sanding drum (Figures 3 and 4). I also rounded over the sharp edges by hand sanding to provide a more comfortable grip.

The cutoff from the handle blank is used to make the side ribbons. Figure 5 shows how you can get all four pieces from the blank, using the mitered ends to mate with the handle. After cutting them out, you'll need to sand or scrape them to remove the saw marks and then cut them to final length.

All that remains to complete the box is to glue the pieces in place (Figure 6) and then install the felt-covered posterboard lining.

Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram

A Front/Back (2) 5/;e x - 83/4 x 5 ft*- 48" Ash (1.8 Sq. Ftf

D Splines 02) Vsx3/s-1

E Handle Blank Center (1) 3/4 x Vk -16 rgh. note: a, b, and, care planed to thick

F Handle Blank Facing (2) % x 1V4 - 16 rgh. Also needed: Stock for handle blank (part5 E&F)

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