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JL JL good, solid workbench requires good, solid joiner)'. The bench shown was designed to provide a stable work surface for heavy use. The leg assemblies are solidly joined with mortises and tenons, and the cabinet parts with interlocking rabbets, dadoes, and grooves. There is no stretcher; instead, the cabinet is joined to the legs to provide a sturdy base for the benchtop.

This arrangement offers some advantages over more traditional designs. The workbench is easier to build and requires fewer materials than a classic cabinetmakers workbench. But it is just as strong. And since the bench does not require stretchers or other brace work, there is more space for storage. The cabinet provides both drawers and shelves for small and medium-size tools.

You can use the space between the cabinet and the benchtop for frequently used tools. Because this space is open all around the workbench, you have access to these tools from any location. And this open space makes it simple to mount a vise almost anywhere on the benchtop. You can also attach hold-downs and other bench accessories to the benchtop or frame members.

Exploded View

Cur Here to Make(N)

Ideas Juntas Madera

Drawers Exploded View

(Only 2 of 4 drawers shown)

Drawers Exploded View

(Only 2 of 4 drawers shown)

Materials List (finished


Workbench dimensions)

A. Benchtop*

PA" x 2'A" x 23" PA" x PA" x 29'A PA" x 3'A" x 25


E. Case top/bottom/

E Fixed shelft 3/4,/xl91/2//x441/4

G. Case sidest (2) 3A" x 2OV4" x 22"

H. Case backt V4" x 21V4" x 441A// J. Drawer dividers! (2) 3A"x6"x I9V2" K. Drawer guides (8) Vi'xWxlW

L. Cupboard divider! 3A"x 15V4"x 19V" M. Adjustable shelft 3A"x 19l/Sx2V/S N. Adjustable half-shelf t 3A"xll"x2iy4"


Q. End drawer fronts/

R. End drawer sides (4) x 5V\(>" x I9V2"

S. End drawer bottomst

T. Shallow middle drawer face 3A" x 23A" x 2 2'A"

U. Shallow middle drawer front/ back (2) 1/2,,x l15/i6/,x211A//

V. Shallow middle drawer sides (2) WxVVie'x 19lh"

W. Deep middle drawer face 3A//x31A//x221/2,/

X. Deep middle drawer front/ back (2) l/2/,x33/i6//x211/8,/

Y. Deep middle drawer sides (2) V2" x 33/i6,/ x 19W

Z. Middle drawer bottoms*


CC.Door panelst (4)

3A" x 2" x 16" 3A" x 2" x 93A"

This is a standard-size solid maple "butcherblock" countertop, which you can purchase from many lumberyards on special order.

tMake these parts from plywood.


#8x1lA" Flathead wood screws (48-60)

#12x2" Flathead wood screws (12)

1" Brads (24-36) %" Flat washers (6) PA" Drawer/door pulls (10) European-style full overlay hinges (8)


Top View


Top View


Front View

Plan of Procedure

1 Select the stock and cut the parts to size. To make this workbench, you need about 34 board feet of 8/4 (eight-quarters) stock, 15 board feet of 4/4 (four-quarters) stock, two 4 x 8-foot sheets of cabinet-grade 3A-inch plywood, and one 4 x 4-foot sheet of cabinet-grade Winch plywood. (If you purchase the benchtop ready-made, you'll need only 14 board feet of 8/4 stock.) All the solid stock should be a hardwood, such as birch, maple, or oak, and the plywood veneer should either match or complement the solid wood. The workbench shown is made from maple and birch-veneer plywood.

Plane the 8/4 stock to PA inches thick and cut the top braces, legs, and feet. Set some l3A-inch-thick

Woodworking BraceJoining Wood

Side View stock aside to use as test pieces, then plane the remaining stock to IV2 inches thick. Cut this into 1'/¿-inch-wide strips. Glue these strips edge to edge to make the benchtop. Be sure to orient these strips so the annual rings run top to bottom, as shown on page 9. This will reduce the amount of swelling and shrinking across the width of the bench.

Plane the 4/4 stock to 7» inch thick and cut the rails, stiles, and drawer faces. Set some of the 3A-inch-thick stock aside to use as test pieces, then plane the remaining stock to V2 inch thick. Cut the drawer guides, fronts, backs, and sides.

Finally, cut the plywood parts to size. Clearly label all the parts as you cut them.

Leg Assembly Layout rwpxriHK x Wzlb Mortise 4 Tenon


Label Parts Tenoner

Case Layout

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