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few weeks back, Randy Maxey (one of our assistant editors) came up to me and mentioned he'd like to write an article on CAD (computer-aided design) programs for woodworkers. To be honest, I was a bit reluctant. It's not that I have anything against computer design programs — we use them ever)' day.

The problem for home woodworkers (like me) is CAD programs are designed to be used by engineers and architects to interface with manufacturers or contractors. And the software can be expensive — from several hundred to several thousand dollars. A bit of overkill for a woodworker who just wants to create plans.

Well, Randy came back a few days later and showed me a program that seemed relatively easy to use and was capable of generating complete, measured drawings. After seeing what it could do, my first question was, "How much?" When he told me it was free, I was suddenly more interested.

So if you've wanted to try your hand at designing your own projects, but have been reluctant to spend die money for a computer program, here's your chance. To learn more about this free "tool," check out the article on page 10.

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