Diamond Stones:Three Honing Solutions

Needle files

Bench stone


A few long passes over a small diamond bench stone is all it takes to restore a sharp cutting edge to the router bit.

Diamond pocket stones are versatile and get into tight spaces. They can be easily clamped to the workbench.

A diamond needle file works best for honing bits having small flutes or angular cutting surfaces.

A liberal coating of cleaning solution and a brush are all it takes to quickly remove dust and resin buifd up from the router bit.

or brass brush to work the solution into al! the surfaces (second photo at right). Then Set it stand a few minutes. Finally, you'll want to wipe off the bit with a soft cloth and let the bit dry thoroughly.

BIT SHANK. Once the bit is clean, the next tiling you'll want to do is inspect the shank of the bit for any rust or burrs. These can interfere with the ability of the collet to grip the bit. You can remove the rust with steel wool. And a small file works great for smoothing burrs.

Now you're ready to move on to honing the flutes of the bit. This is a pretty simple task.

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