This old, worn router bit makes a rough cut and burns the work piece.

After cleaning and honing, the bit makes a smooth, clean, burn-free cut.

Don't cast your old router bits aside. In just a few minutes, you can bring them back to life.

In my shop, there's always a container full of old router bits sitting on the shelf. You know the bits 1 mean — not quite sharp enough to use, but too good to throw away.

These bits are usually dull and covered with resin. And whenever you use them, they leave behind uneven cuts, tea rout, and bums on the wood (upper photo at left).

Hie good news is there Still might be life left in those bits. And all it takes is a couple of steps to have them looking and cutting like the bit you see in the lower photo at left.

CANT SAVE THEWI Alt Before getting started, I need to mention that some bits may be past the point of saving. If a hit has cracks, chips, or carbide missing from cutting edges, it's best to just throw them away.

Once the sorting is done, you can give the remaining bits a good cleaning. The goal here is to remove the resin buildup that increases drag, causing the bit to cut poorly BITS WITH BEARINGS. If the bit has a pilot bearing, you'll want to remove the bearing before starting the cleaning process (photo opposite page). Even though router bearings are "sealed," the resin cleaner could get inside tine bearing and dissolve the grease. This can ruin the bearing.

Now is also a good time to check out the bearing. If it doesn't spin smoothly, it should be replaced.

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