Display Cabinet

You won't believe how quickly this project can be built. The key is simple, traditional joiner/.

Showing off is just what this cabinet is all about. And there are enough interesting details that made it jump to the top of the list of projects dial I wanted to build.

Now most people will admire the objects displayed in the "glassed-in" upper section. Or how the cabinet offers both "hidden" and open storage. And the fact that it has a small footprint means you can tuck it in just about anywhere, giving it a lot of versatility. But woodworkers will take notice of the details and straightforward construction that makes this cabinet a stand-out.

FRAME AND PANEL. Just because a project is compact in size doesn't mean you can skimp on strength. So the case is made up of strong yet lightweight frame and panel assemblies. And except for a few mortises, all the joinery can be ait on the table saw.

ADDED DETAILS, file other tilings I want to mention right off the bat have to do with a few details that keep the cabinet from looking too boxy. Starting at the bottom, the cabinet rests on legs that raise it off the floor. This and a gentle arch in each lower rail keep it from looking bottom heavy.

The second detail is a stopped chamfer to ease the corners of the frames. Finally, at the top, I used a pre-made cove molding to add one last eye-catching detail.

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