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It only takes a few minutes to lightly touch up the cutting edges of the bit to make it sharp again. The key here is to only hone the flat face of the bit. (You don't want to work on the outside edge of the flute because that could change the diameter or the profile of the bit).

STONES. To touch up the bit, you'll need a sharpening stone (or files for smaller bits) and a good light seance. Since the bits usually have carbide cutting edges, a waterstone won't

To prevent damage to the bearing, use an Allen wrench to remove the bearing from the bit before applying cleaning solution.

A liberal coating of cleaning solution and a brush are all it takes to quickly remove dust and resin buifd up from the router bit.

be hard enough to get them sharp. So i use a diamond pocket stone or bench stone of fine or medium grit to get the best result.

TOUCH-UP. Instead of working on one flute at a time until it's sharp, I like to even up the job. This keeps the cutters balanced so they take an equal bite as they cut. To do this, you'll want to give one flute a few strokes. Then you can rotate the bit and give the next flute the same number of strokes using an equal amount of pressure.

I find it a lot easier to sharpen the bit if I lay the file or stone on the bench and stroke the bit along it.

The box below shows you some ways you can do this.

Take a close look at each flute as you work. You'll be able to quickly see whether you're missing any spots or applying too much pressure in one area or another.

You can tell when the bit is sharp by looking at the flute under a good light. You're done when it's shiny along the entire cutting edge and it feels sharp to the touch.

Hie whole process only takes a few minutes. It's so easy, you may be able to get more life from those used router bits and get rid of that container on the shelf.

Diamond Stones:Three Honing Solutions

Hie tough carbide cu tting edges on router bits mean ordinary files and stones won't do the job. Instead, 1 turn to diamond stones. They come in three styles.

The small diamond bench stone is great for larger bits. Its extended length allows you to make longer passes.

Pocket stones are less expensive. You can hold them in your hand or clamp them to the bench for sharpening bits.

If you're honing small bits, you'll need to use a needle file. They come in different shapes to meet your needs. Sources for ┬┐ill these stones can be found on page 49.

A few long passes over a small diamond bench stone is all it takes to restore a sharp cutting edge to the router bit.

Diamond pocket stones are versatile and get into tight spaces. They can be easily clamped to the workbench.

A diamond needle file works best for honing bits having small flutes or angular cutting surfaces.

Needle files


Bench stone

Jack Miter Bench Build

tools of the trade


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