The bottom edge of each stile is tapered. Here again, the band saw and some sanding will do Lhe trick. The last step before gluing up the frames is to cut and fit the plywood panels.

GLUE UP. Now you're ready to glue up the frames. Since the inside of the upper section of the cabinet will show, 1 made sure the "good" face of the upper back panel faced to the inside of the cabinet.

A FEW DETAILS. Once the clamps come off, the back assembly is complete. But there are still a few details to take care of before the two sides and the back can be assembled. The first of these is to cut a rabbet on the back edge of each side to hold the back frame, as in the box below.

Next, I cut two dadoes across each side that will hold the case divider and bottom. With such a large assembly this would be difficult to do on the table saw. Instead, I turned to a hand-held router. You can see just how I did it on page 30.

Next, you can drill three sets of holes for shelf supports. You' 11 find everything you need for this in the Side View on the opposite page.

Then all that remains to take care of on the side frames is to rout a rabbet around the upper opening to accommodate the glass panels. If you take a look at the box below, you'll see how it's done with a hand-held router.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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