//////y//)/////////}//////;//7/r v/i"x 4"-72" Maple (3 Bd. Ft.) 0

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Adding two more stretchers provides easy-access storage

This tall table also makes a handy standalone worksurface for the kitchen. And by adding a couple more stretchers acrose the bottom, you can create a shelf for storing large Items.

There are only two things you need to do before assembling the base. First, you'll add two extra mortises in the end rails (see drawing below), But the nice thing Is you can use the same routing technique that I used for the table (see the box at the bottom of page 25).

The other thing you'll need to do is make two more center stretchers. The trick here Is to make sure the spacing between them is the same when you assemble the base.

Adding two more stretchers provides easy-access storage

This side used for cutting tips from our shop


Gu/de can " be used for both '^i routing and sawing. See below

This side used for routir--

Vf plywood fence -

Direction of rout hardboard ijase—^

Rabbeted ' edges of panels are buffed together—

WOrf; To aid in routing dadoes set panels off floor on rigid foam insulation

Cutting Guides

The divider and case bottom in the display cabinet on page 32 fit into dadoes in each of the side panels. The challenge is getting the dadoes to line up exactly in each side assembly so the dividers will be level.

To make this easier, I built the sides and then clamped them together back to back, like you see in the drawing above, before routing the dadoes. This way, both dadoes will be located in the same position.

To control the router, I made a simple edge guide. It provides a reference edge so you know exactly where the router will cut.

BUILD THE GUIDE. The edge guide is easy to build. Start with an extra-wide base of V4" hardboard. Then glue and screw a straight plywood fence to the hardboard. Finally, use the fence as a guide and trim away the waste to create the reference edge, as shown in the Fig. 1 below.

I made the base of my cutting guide wide enough to use the other straight bit

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