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You can use this versatile guide to rout the dadoes in the sides. Turn to page 30 for details.

I mentioned before that the case is made up of three frame and panel assemblies and an open face frame. What's surprising about this is just how quickly these assemblies go together.

SIMPLE JOINERY. The reason for this is the joinery that's used on the back and sides. Here, I chose a stub tenon and groove. Besides quick assembly this joint has another big advantage: you can cut it entirely on the table saw. And after adding V4" plywood panels, there's plenty of glue surface to create a strong, rigid assembly.

Before getting started on the frames, there's one other thing I'd like to mention. And this has to do with working efficiently. The joinery for both the side and back assemblies is identical. So you can save some time by cutting it all at one time.

When you're ripping the parts to width, be sure to note the different sizes of both the stiles and rails (drawing at right). The lower rails will get an arc cut on the bottom edge later. But for now, I left it square to make cutting the joinery simpler.

CUTTING THE ARC. Once the joinery is complete, you can go ahead and cut the arc on the lower rails (detail 'c'). A trip to the band saw makes quick work of rough cutting the arc. Then die edge can be cleaned up with a drum sander.

Edge Joiner Parts

NOTE: All frame parts are W- thick stock. Panels are Vt° plywood

NOTE: All frame parts are W- thick stock. Panels are Vt° plywood

FILLER STRIPS. There are just a few steps left before the frames can be glued up. The first is to cut and fit thin filler strips in the grooves in the bottoms of the stiles, as shown in die lower left drawing. This has a side benefit of acting as a stop for the lower rails when it comes time to assemble each frame.


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