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Are you a woodworker, hobbyist or home improver? Have you experienced the precision and speed of pneumatic nailing and stapling? Professionals use pneumatic fastening in applications from small bird feeder production to cabinet building and finish and trim work. Now SENCO,' the brand of choice of professionals,' has a new line of tools, fasteners and accessories just for you! Check out AccuSet'brand finish nailers, brad nailers and staplers from the pros at SENCO. They're loaded with power, great features and have a two year warranty - the best in the business! And with prices starting around $99 (U.S.), they make a great gift or addition to your workshop. To find the retail outlet nearest you, call our toll-free number, 1-888-222-8144, or visit our newly expanded website:


2 Types of Air Nailers


These larger, heavier nailers are great for assembling cabinet carcases, installing face frames and large moldings.They shoot nails ranging from 1 in. to 2te-in. long. (See chart, p. 26.) You can also use finish nailers to install window and door casings and other trim jobs around the house.

n air nailer is the ideal tool for quickly attaching cabinet backs and moldings, and building shop fixtures, jigs and prototypes. It sinks brads and nails below the wood's surface and won't knock carefully positioned parts out of alignment like hammer blows often do. Plus, it's fasti A small %-hp air compressor will supply the 100 psi. air nailers require.

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Brad nailers shoot 18-gauge finish nails called brads, which are less likely than regular finish nails to split wood.The brad nailer's small nose fits easily into tight spaces and complex molding profiles. Brad length ranges from % in. to about Vh in. long, and some nailers will shoot brads as short as % in. and as long as 2 in. A few models also drive narrow crown staples, which have more holding power, but are more obtrusive. (See chart, p. 24.)



Finish nailers are heavy and can strain your elbow and wrist when used for long periods. Lighter weight is a plus.

Angled-Nail Magazine

A finish nailer with the magazine angled toward the gun makes it easier to shoot bullseyes in corners and tight spots.

Safety System

On most guns, a retractable nosepiece must be pressed against the workpiece before a trigger squeeze fires a nail. A few guns have double triggers instead, both of which must be pulled to fire the gun.

Bump Firing

Some models have this fast firing feature: Hold the trigger down continuously, pushing the nosepiece against the work to fire the nail. Used in high-production settings.

Rubber Nose Tip

Some guns have a rubber nose tip to keep softer woods from denting when fired upon. (See photo, below.)

Quick-Release Nosepiece

A quick-release nosepiece lets you quickly unjam occasional nail snags in the magazine. (See photo, above.)

Drive-Depth Adjustment

A few guns sport a dial near the tip that lets you adjust the amount of countersink, or set, of the nail without changing the air-line pressure.


A swivel air-line fitting between the hose and gun gives you greater maneuverability in tight spots. S5. Available from Emco Mfg. Co.; (800) 873-3626.

SAFETY EYEWEAtt Nail guns can make pieces of wood and metal fly. It's important to always protect your eyes.

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