Dust Collector

MODEL G5954 ONLY*9999S

Our most powerful dust collector yet, is designed for industrial use*

• Detachable Base

• Shipping Weight Approx. 403 lbs.

• Ship anywhere within 48 states for only SOU


This incisive book skillfull/ guides the woodworker through nil the steps necessary in the design and construction of an efficient central dust collection system and tells you what you need to know for easy installation Fifty pages of concise, carefully illustrated text A AIL/ST/


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3 GREAT LOCATIONS: Bellingham, WA Memphis, TN

CUSTOMER SERVICE: (570)326-3806 FAX: (800)438-5901 wniiamsport, pa

Jointer Dust Collector

Four Delta classics-gone platinum. Heavy metal. Limited edition. Made in the USA. This year's new Platinum Edition series from Delta. (Available through December 31, 1999.) Extra cast Iron. Biesemeyer fence on the Unisaw. Unifence on the Contractor's Saw. Band Saw on wheels. And a Heavy Duty Shaper that's been souped up inside and out All in shimmering platinum metallic paint With valuable extras included. And all available with special deals on Platinum Accessory Packages. If you want to put some real class metal into your shop, just walk into your Delta dealer and say, "show me the platinum" Call 1-800-438-2486 for the dealer nearest you. In Canada, 519-836-2840. Or visit our web site.

Platinum Edition Extras


50" Biesemeyer • Commercial Fence, heavy duty laminated extension table. 2 cast iron extension wings, industrial carbide-tipped combination blade, personalized msicjnia plaque.

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