Euroshop JP-410 4,975 9x 16 16 78X 3x6,000 N, S 4X 230 957

Opt. slot mortiser.

Opt. tersa cutterhead; mortiser.

2000 TOOL BUYER'S GUIDE «r.A=aUim,num Cl= cast ,ron.S= steel Feed Rollers R= rubber coated hickness Planers

S= serrated steel Y c v*s U = no OPT = opúoftel. NA. information not available Comment*: DE=doubie-edQe knives. DED=do\jbie-eöfle disposable knrves. -

Brand list Max Max. No. of

& Model Price Stock Catting Knives

Bed Bed Feed HP Volts Weight Comments Material Rollers Rollers IIb I & Features

Var. feed speed opt.


jointer removable.

Hitachi P12RA

See pogo 5 for t\$ung of manufacturers

Now change bits in seconds with the new PowerCollet.

• Patented locking sleeve holds bit safely and securely.

No more banged 'll A

• Saves time, especially when jobs require frequent bit changes.

• Jacobs drill chucks are the choice of major drill manufacturers like DewaltBlack & Decker , Milwaukee , Porter Cable * Skit and Makita '.

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For the dealer nearest you or a free brochure, call 1-800-866-5753.

Fits many of today's most popular routers.


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