andcrafted Clocks Make reat Gifts!

ir New Fall Catalog is filled with clock movents. accessories, plans, kits and much >re for woodcrafters of every skill level.

od for your FREE catalog now and start iering supplies for those special birthday d holiday gifts. A handcrafted clock is des-ed to become a treasured famify heirloom.

• Micro-Adjustable

• Incremental Accuracy

• Reversible

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Convert any Table or Bench Saw into an incredibly accurate wood machining center. Now you can dimension, shape, mold, edge joint, make dovetails & box joints - all with just one fence. Saw Trains come in 4ft, 6ft or 8ft systems.


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foil deserve a FELDER!

he BF6-31 , an investment you can be proud for yourself how the patented linear guiding system on the OER sliding table, the quick self setting planer knifes, the tilting per spindle and the 15.000 rpm router spindle will take your >dworking to new heights.

FFI pFP Machines and Tools for Woodworking

FELDER USA 1851 Enterprise Blvd. - West Sacramento, CA 95691 Coll 916-375-3190 ■ Fox 916-375-3194 •

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The BF 6*31, one of 25 outstanding marines made by FELDER.

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