The new generation of table saw;

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We are proud to introduce our full line of modern woodworking machines to the American market. State of the art production technologies, modern design, years of experience and full US back-up support guarantees highest quality for best prices.

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K3 saw

12" saw Mode, scaring unit 48", 78" or 9 ft sliding table, outrigger

General Int'l 10-600 M1 275

1,200 3 0.5 micron

Penn State PSI AC2500 999 2,500 2 65% 9 1 mic. 8, C

JDS Air-Tech 10-16

Penn State PSI AC930 299 930 2 65% @ 1 mic. B, C 24x 12x30 51 2 speeds.

JDS Air-Tech 750 259 200to750 3 99% « 5 mic., B, C 34x24x 12 62 2 spds; electr.or char. filt.

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