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Patented Design

The small wings cut downward on the wood fibers to shear the top edge off for a perfect splinter free edge.

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99 520 The large wings shear upwards for a perfect finish on the raised panel profile.

Freud has always been first in cutting tools technology. First with anti-kickback design. First with Teflon coatings. First with Super micrograin carbide. Now, in their never ending quest for superior cutting tools, Freud engineers have designed another "first for the industry". A four-wing raised panel cutter that will revolutionize the way you make raised panel doors. Freud's patented 2+2 Raised Panel Router Bits produce glass-smooth cuts, even on cross grain! This new design has an ingenious configuration of both positive and negative sheer angles that eliminates the fuzz on the top edge of the profile. Available individually and in sets. Once you've tried Freud's 2+2's, you'll see all others are second class.

• Anti-Kickback Design* chip limitators restrict tooth bit reducing the effects of kickback.

• Freud's Super Micrograin Carbide for durable, long lasting cutters that really hold an edge.

• DuPont Teflon® Coatings reduce friction, heat and resin buildup and protects from corrosion.

• Multi-Axis Grinding provides consistent relief angles on the entire cutting edge for a flawless finish.

• Shear Angle Lets the bit slice through the wood, producing a superior finish on all materials.

• Computer Balancing eliminates vibration and chatter resulting in dean, smooth profiles.

• Advanced Tri-Metal Brazing creates a stronger, more impact resistant bond between the carbide and the bit.

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