Good Turn From David Ellsworth

Short of taking an intensive seminar, there may be no better way to learn a craft than by watching instructional videotapes. Videos can show complicated processes better than still photos, and you can play them back to catch anything you may have missed. But many woodworking videos are long on slick "production values" and shorter on information.

Now David Ellsworth, the irrepressible master turner, is trying to changc all that with "The Ellsworth Library of Tutorial Videotapes for Woodturners," an information-packed series that he produced and edited himself. The first four tapes cover more than 25 turning subjects in depth, including how to sharpen the Supcrflutc gouge, plus many other techniques he's pioneered over the last two decades.

"I decided to produce a whole library of tapes because I wanted to cover a huge volume of material comprehensively," Ellsworth says, "so viewers

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