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Minifix fasteners with capped bolt

Minifix fasteners with spreading dowel

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Blum KD fitting


Blum KD fitting several types of bolts, so it's useful for a variety of applications. The capped boll makes a good edge-to-face joint with the bolt's flat head visible when the parts are assembled. (Sec above.) The spreading dowel is useful when you want to make a hidden edge-to-facc joint. In this case, the end of the bolt screws into a dowel-like brass insert which fits in a blind hole. When you screw the bolt into the dowel, it expands to lock in place. (See above.) The double-ended bolt connects to cams set on cach end of a joint. This is useful for cdgc-to-edge joints. You can even put a spacer piece between the edge joint; for example, you can put a vertical divider between horizontal shelves.

A press-fit plastic cover conceals the Minifix cams.

The Rastex fastener is similar to the Minifix spreading dowel fastener, except it has a much larger cam. Also, Rastex uses a plastic insert rather than a brass one. (See above.)

The Blum KI) cam fitting operates differently from the others. (See above.) One end of the bolt is a coarse wood screw that threads into a hole drilled in the edge of one part. The other end fits into the facc rather than the side of the cam. Turning a screw tightens the cam around the end of the bolt, pulling the joint tight.

Surface-mount fasteners arc the easiest to install: You simply screw

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