Connector Bolts

Connector bolt with cross dowel

Perpendicular Fasteners

draw two parts together under tension. They come in different configurations for different uses and can handle a heavier load than other knockdown fasteners.

Most connector bolts have a thin, flat head with a hex socket and cither a straight or shouldered shank. (See previous page.) The nut can take various forms, including a flat-headed cap nut which tightens with an Allen wrench. This is good for joining panels facc to face, as in tying together the sidewalls of cabinets or bookcases. Also available is a metal cross-dowel nut that fits in a hole drilled perpendicular to the bolt. This makes a strong edge-to-facc joint (sec previous page) and could be used to fasten bed rails to posts, for example.

Conncctor bolts also can be used with threaded inserts, though you wouldn't want to trv this in soft mate-

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