m could learn the whole process and develop their own styles and methods, not just learn to turn an Ellsworth bowl."

There are some surprises, too, such as the 10-minute segment called the "flexion section." Here, Ellsworth demonstrates the daily exercises he uses to extend the muscles which he says arc compressed by constant bowl-turning.

For a descriptive brochure and ordering information, write: David Ellsworth, Fox Creek, 1378 Cobbler Rd., Quakertown, PA 18951, or call (215) 536-5298.

Master turner David

Ellsworth covers a broad range of turning instruction in his new video series.



The Clean Air Act and its amendments hold promise for improving our environment, but compliance with its emissions guidelines can present a number of legal and financial challenges to the small-shop woodworker. Luckily, all 50 states are currently developing assistance programs that offer free help to small businesses.

These services, which vary from state to state, include newsletters, toll-free help lines, educational materials and seminars, resource centers, and free on-site analyses by engineers. On a national level, the EPA is working to ensure that these sen/ices are confidential.

In addition to assistance programs, each state has an "ombudsman," or advocate, who acts as a liaison between small businesses and the EPA. Ombudsmen maintain contact with more than 45 national trade associations representing several million small businesses across the nation. They educate tradespeople about the law. and they share the business community's comments and concerns with the government.

To find out about the small business assistance program or ombudsman in your state, call the EPA Small Business Ombudsman Hotline at (800) 368-5888.

This old man was carved from a peach pit.

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