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Laminate steadyrest from three pieces of 3/4-in. marine plywood.


Varies with height of lathe center.

Make oak base block at least 4 in. wide.

-stabs," and drill and slot them as shown in the drawing below. Mount the three ball bearings (available at any bearing dealer) to the stabs with Va-20 by 4-in. machine bolts and washers.

Next, drill Win. holes on the 120° marks for the stab bolts. Sand the bottom of the lamination flat, glue it to an oak base assembly of appropriate height, and reinforce the joint with glue blocks. Then drill the 3/fc-in. hole for the bolt that will anchor the steadyrest to the lathe.

Attach the rest to the lathe bed and set the stabs to the center of a round turning. Glue guide blocks to the side of the ring to keep the stabs from rotating, being careful not to glue the stabs in place.

To use your shop-made steadyrest, just loosen the wing nuts, adjust the stabs to the desired diameter and retight-en the nuts. You'll find that this rest is a versatile addition to your lathe. —S.B.

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Make stab from

Glue guide block to ring to guide stab.

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