Knockdown Fasteners

Connections for Furniture on the Go

For many woodworkers, knockdown fasteners represent a "Tinkcrtoy approach" to construction. After all, they argue, isn't the art of crafting crisp, tight joints what woodworking is all about?

Well, sure. But knockdown fasteners have an important quality that even fine craftsmen can appreciate: They make joinery reversible, and that's a necessity when you're making furniture and cabinetry meant to be taken apart and reassembled easily.

For example, if you're building

By Jim Barrett shelving units and desks for people on the move, such as college students and apartment dwellers, knockdown fasteners are perfect. They also come in handy when constructing seasonal garden furniture, modular wall units, and temporary displays, or when you need to do final assembly of a project away from your shop.

There is a wide variety of knockdown hardware on the market. (See Sources, page 53, for suppliers.) And most of these fasteners are simple to install, requiring only a drill to make

t holes for the body of the fastener (a Forstncr bit works well), and a screwdriver or Allen wrcnch to assemble the parts.

Choosing Knockdown Fasteners

The photos and drawings show a variety of knockdown fasteners which are grouped according to their mechanical operation.

Each type is designed for a particular kind of joint—edge to face, face to facc, and so on. However, the type of

Furniture Rivits

Furniture connector

Trapez Knockdown

Quick-joining device

Trapeze fitting

Quick-joining device

Trapeze fitting

Furniture connector

Knockdown Fastener

Keku fasteners: push-on (left), and suspension (right)

Keku Suspension Fittings

Keku fasteners: push-on (left), and suspension (right)

joint shouldn't be the only criterion you use when choosing a knockdown fastener. You also need to consider how tight the fastener must hold the two pans. If you need a fastener that can draw parts together in a strong, clamplike grip, then bolt-type and cam-type fasteners are better than surface-mount or biscuit fasteners, which

Connector bolt with cross dowel merely hold the parts in position.

You'll also have to decidc if you want a fastener that's inconspicuous when installed. The Minifix fasteners, for example, fit in recessed holes, which can be covered with a •decora-live" press-fit plastic cap.

Here you'll find my picks for the cleverest knockdown fasteners and their best uses. I hope this list gives you ideas on incorporating knockdown fasteners in your work. Thev're

really worth trying.

Types of Knockdown Fasteners

Connector bolt fasteners are specially designed bolts and nuts which

Connector Bolt

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