Wood Databases Now Available

Two wood databases are now on the market from the ecology group Tree Talk. The first, "Woods of the World." brings together biological, mechanical, environmental and woodworking characteristics of more than 750 wood species and 50 wood products. The database lets you browse information on each species, view scanned images of the wood, or search for any combination of up to 10 variables, such as common uses, woodworking properties, and sustainability. "Woods of the World" also includes a directory of sustainable sources and addresses for all companies with products listed in the database. It is available in both PC and Mac versions, on CD-ROM or floppy disks for $250, and in a condensed floppy-disk version for $150.

A second database, "A Forest of Choices," addresses the issue of sustainability. It brings together hard-to-find references including news clippings, conference proceedings, photographs and video. Specific topics include wood certification, green business, and sustainable design. "A Forest of Choices" also features bibliographies and directories of companies and organizations involved in sustainable forestry issues. It is available on CD or floppy disks for $ 150.

For more information on either database, write: Tree Talk, Inc., Box 426, Burlington, VT 05402, or call (800) 858^230.

Offcuts Contributors: Susannah Hogendorn, Ellis Walentine

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